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The best lawn care products + Tailored timing and application advice = The best lawn you've ever had.

This is strictly an insecticide that offers control of unwanted insects such as grubs, sod webworms, cutowrms, and army worms. There are no fertilizers in this product. Dylox is a contact insecticide that controls everything near the top of the soil.


This product needs to be watered in after it is applied because it will break down in sunlight. We recommend applying it, then running your irrigation system. If you don’t have irrigation, time the application before a forecasted rain, or plan to run a hose.


This product is used as Step 5 in our Platinum Lawn Care Service Plan.


One bag covers up to 12,000 sqft


Application is recommended in August but can be applied as needed depending on the situation.

Dylox 6.2 Granular Contact Insecticide

Excluding Sales Tax
  • One bag covers up to 12,000 sqft

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