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The best lawn care products + Tailored timing and application advice = The best lawn you've ever had.

This fertilizer is privately labeled and blended specifically for The Turf Plan. It is to be used twice in the fall. The nitrogen in this product is 50% controlled released. Furthermore, it includes biosolids containing Iron. 


This will green up and feed your lawn in a hurry. There is no need to water this product into the soil, Mother Nature will take care of it.


This product is used as Steps 4 & 5 in our Gold Lawn Care Service Plan, and Steps 6 & 7 in our Platinum Lawn Care Service Plan.


One bag covers 10,000 sqft.


This fertilizer is formulated to give your turf one pound of nitrogen per 1000 sqft of turf. It should be applied in early September and mid-October. Each application of this product should be 4-6 weeks apart.

20-10-5 Fall Fertilizer

Excluding Sales Tax
  • One bag covers 10,000 sqft.

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