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The best lawn care products + Tailored timing and application advice = The best lawn you've ever had.

This is a fertilizer with a small amount of potassium. There is no Nitrogen in the formula to avoid summer burning. The Merit insecticide on the fertilizer pearl is primarily used for grub control.


This product needs to be watered in to be activated because it’s a systemic insecticide instead of a contact insecticide. The fertilizer is watered into the soil, taken up by the grass roots, then the grub eats a piece of the roots ingesting the insecticide.


This is the same product we use in step 3 of our Gold and Platinum Lawn Care Service Plans.


In simple terms, this fertilizer is good for the grass and bad for the grubs.


One bag covers approximately 10,000 sqft.


The target date for applying this product is June 15th due to the life cycle of a grub.

0-0-7 Fertilizer with Insecticide Grub Control

Excluding Sales Tax
  • One bag covers approximately 10,000 sqft.

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