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Lawn Care Service and Grass Treatments that Work

 You’ve finally found the place where the grass is always greener. 

Whether you are looking to repair your lawn, get greener grass, or start a whole new lawn, we can help!

We have full-service lawn maintenance plans tailored to your yard, and we offer a full line of professional grade do-it-yourself lawn care products with free expert advice for timing and application. 

Thumbs Up for The Turf Plan
Bill DiMercurio, President

The Turf Plan Story

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve dreamed of a perfect lawn. You’ve tried lawn care products, grass seed, and fertilizers from the box stores, you’ve hired lawn care services promising the best yard in the neighborhood, you may have even gotten new sod or seed only to find yourself right back at square one. 

In the 2 decades we’ve been serving St. Louis, we’ve seen this happen more than you can imagine. We have the “magic” Turf Plan.

Grassy Field

The Turf Plan Products and Lawn Care Services

DIY & Full-Service Lawn Care Plans for the Greenest Grass

service & products
Full Service Planning - The Turf Plan
Full-Service Professional Lawn Maintenance Plan

Everything you need all season, applied by a licensed fertilizer applicator. Six scheduled treatments, from fertilizer and insecticides to a slow release winterizer. The easiest and best lawn care treatments you've ever had.

Personalized GOLD Lawn Treatment Plan
DIY - 5 STEP Lawn Maintenance GOLD Plan

Everything you need all season long. Five scheduled treatments, from fertilizer to insecticides and weed killers, to give you the lush green lawn you’ve always wanted. 

The Turf Plan - PLATINUM Maintenance Plan
DIY - 8 STEP Lawn Maintenance PLATINUM Plan

Everything in our Gold Plan plus three additional treatments mid-season, for extra green up and a winterizer. A total of 8 scheduled lawn care treatments.

The Best Lawn Care Products for Lawn Envy

We sell the SAME professional grade products we use in our lawn care plans. We also give you the timing and application advice you need to manage it all like a pro.

The Turf Plan - Fertilizers



Weed Killers

The Turf Plan - Grass Seed

Grass Seed

The Turf Plan - Herbicides


The Turf Plan - Insecticides & Pest Control

Insecticides & Pest Control

The Turf Plan - Fungicides


Personalized Lawn Consultations
Lawn Consultation & Start Up Special

The key to perfect green grass is understanding your current lawn conditions. Whether you want to manage your lawn care yourself, or want us to do it for you, a proper analysis will put you on the right track for success!

Measuring your yard
Lawn Measurement

If you’re looking to DIY your lawn care, it’s incredibly important to know the size of your yard to be sure you apply the right amount of products to improve it. We make it easy to get accurate dimensions, for a price you can afford! 

Soil Test

A soil test is the secret to really getting a “perfect lawn,” (also called a Sward). Everyone’s soil is different, and it changes over time. We recommend testing your soil every 3-5 years. We can help with an incredibly easy and affordable test.

The 5 Star Turf Plan - Happy Yard Owners

We love everything lawn care, and we take pride in every yard we care for

– but don’t take our word for it. See what our happy yard owners have to say! 

We’d love to hear about and see how great your yard is doing with our lawn care products and services.
 Tell us your 5-star Turf Plan story! 
Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Not sure if one of The Turf Plan’s services or products is right for you?

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