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About us

About Us

In the summer of 2007, Bill DiMercurio met Jeff Travers for the first time after mowing Jeff’s neighbor’s lawn. At that moment, Jeff was preparing to leave town on a business trip. His lawn needed to be mowed, so he asked Bill if he was interested in making a few more bucks. After agreeing on a price, Bill mowed Jeff’s “PERFECT SWARD”. [By the way, a “perfect” and lush lawn earns the designation as a “sward”]. Jeff was very pleased with the quality of service that Bill provided, so he called Bill a few more times that same summer when business travel kept him from mowing himself. After admiring the perfection of Jeff’s lawn Bill asked Jeff what products he used on his lawn to keep it so green and lush.

Jeff explained how he had developed a special program, known as, "THE Plan" back in 1988. For the rest of the mowing season, Bill continued to pick Jeff’s brain for more knowledge on quality turf management practices. Knowing Jeff was highly credible, Bill followed Jeff’s advice quite carefully. Unbeknownst to Jeff, Bill’s decided to put "THE Plan"to a serious test. Bill’s mother, Mary, lives in the same subdivision as Jeff; because Bill takes care of his mother’s lawn he decided to use her yard as an “experiment” to test "THE Plan".

It is important to note that one of Mary’s neighbors has an irrigation system and used the services of the largest national lawn care program in the U.S. The other neighbor’s lawn had been managed by a different competitor, for three seasons. So Mary was stuck with Bill’s experiment, putting "THE Plan" to an extreme test. After a full season of following "THE Plan", Mary’s yard was significantly greener, exceptionally thicker, healthier, free of crabgrass, and more disease free compared to BOTH of the neighbors, even without the benefit of an irrigation system!

This is when Bill knew Jeff had a SERIOUS recipe for sward success: "THE Plan"! A light bulb lit up in Bill’s head. Bill quickly offered Jeff a proposal. Bill said, “Do you want to start a business together? You have an excellent knack for turf needs and you know exactly what formula you want for turf. Let’s start a company! We will figure out precisely what products you want. I’ll call fertilizer blenders and find a way to get the products you want custom blended to your specifications.”

Bill further suggested, “Then, we’ll back up our products using a website. We can teach our customers which products to buy for their needs, how to apply them, and when to execute applications using an E-Newsletter (Jeff had been already writing an E-Newsletter), videos, and email. What do you think?” You can figure out what Jeff’s response was to Bill’s proposal considering you are reading this “About Us” page. Bill DiMercurio and Jeff Travers joined forces in the winter of 2008 to form the THE Turf Plan®. Welcome! We hope to earn and keep your business!

Bill and Jeff

Bill DiMercurio

Bill DiMercurio is CEO, Managing Partner, and Co-Founder of THE Turf Plan, LLC. Bill also owns and operates Two Boys And A Lawn Mower, LLC. Two Boys And A Lawn Mower has provided lawn and landscape maintenance to residential and commercial customers for over a decade. Bill was born in October of 1981 in St. Louis, MO. He started Two Boys And A Lawn Mower at the age of 15 while he attended CBC High School. In 2000, Bill decided to sell his small company in order to attend college at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. He graduated four years later cum laude with a degree in Business Management.

After graduating, Bill moved back to St. Louis, accepting a job in finance as a hedge fund accountant and analyst. If you have ever meet Bill, you will quickly realize that he is way too high strung to stare at numbers in spreadsheets all day, every day. After only a year of office work, sitting in front of computer, Bill started a lawn care company (again), to fulfill his desire to work outdoors, but more importantly, work with people. Bill needs to interact with people! He is always happy to talk to his customers about their lawns, and anything else they want to discuss. He genuinely wants his clients to get great results.

He looks forward to challenging questions, unlimited comments, new situations and challenges, and most importantly--seeing his customers succeed! Send in your pictures for Bill! Outside of work, Bill enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He tries to get out and play golf several times a year, with whoever is interested. He likes playing his guitar, although has some practicing to do before he takes on Eric Clapton. His favorite hobby and passion is bow hunting. Bill has traveled to various places across the world in pursuit of getting close to big game animals with a stick and string! You can contact Bill at:bill@theturfplan.com.

Jeff Travers

Jeff Travers is the Chief Technical Officer, Managing Partner, and the other Co-Founder of THE Turf Plan, LLC. He has been involved in horticultural pursuits all his life, inheriting his green thumb from his father’s side of the family. Jeff attended Parkway Central High School (“where’d you go to high school), then went on to attain his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Horticulture, graduating magna cum laude, from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MIZ…ZOU!). He has worked at Monsanto for nearly 30 years, in various aspects of research and development of new herbicide products and formulations. A notable achievement in his professional career was his research role for the development of the fantastic nutsedge herbicide, halosulfuron, formerly known as Manage® but now sold as SedgeHammer®+. Jeff began dispensing horticultural advice to his friends, neighbors and colleagues, as long as he can remember. He started"THE Plan" in 1988, distributing it via a hard-copy, two-page outline. With the advent of Al Gore’s Internet, Jeff began to publish regular “turf tips”, sending them out monthly via his old AOL address.

Jeff’s distribution list swelled to nearly 500 followers, all of whom can vouch for the effectiveness of the best turf program for transition zone turf. Jeff has been married to his high-school sweetheart, Debbie, since 1980 and has two wonderful daughters. Jeff’s garden in Chesterfield is a botanical wonder, featuring more than 400 different kinds of hostas, plus no fewer than 150 different hardy trees, shrubs and evergreens. Jeff’s spectacular garden has been featured twice in Chesterfield’s Garden Tours. Jeff enjoys hosting local organizations and garden clubs, providing them with a personalized tour. You can contact Jeff at: jeff@theturfplan.com.